What is a literature review?

Literature reviews are publications that account for the content of published works by scholars and researches. Only scholars that have been accredited can have their work reviewed. When writing literature reviews, your aim is to strongly convince your readers that you have read and completely understood the published work. The topic of the published work will normally relate to your area of study. When writing such thesis, you can adopt any format as long as it is appropriate.

What makes a literature review different from a set of summaries is the integration of your own ideas as someone who is analysing the works of others. During such analysis, you will attempt to bring up critical discussions and various contrasting opinions including facts and methodologies. In a more simple language, the fundamental feature of literature review writing is that it allows a writer to use the work published by others for his own purpose. Sometimes the purpose may be to promote your own idea and perspective about a particular topic or to criticise and argue the accuracy of the work of others.

There are certain requirements that every literature research should meet. The basic ones are highlighted below:

  • A literature research must evaluate various authors’ views on the issue being discussed.
  • In writing literature reviews, you must group authors with similar opinions.
  • The paper may also include criticisms of published work belonging to other writers.
  • It should also identify certain limitations in the research
  • Furthermore, the paper must show a correlating relationship between your study and the general literature.

Why writing literary analysis is important.

There are so many reasons why scholars undertake review assignments. The more obvious reason being the need to support an idea you have based on your findings. Thus, by backing your findings with some previous work by others, you can suggest further research. People can also write literature reviews to look into the viability of a promising research methodology. Whatever the reason is, you must take care to define the scope of your work and its limitation.

How to plan a literature review

Basically, there is no general structure for writing literature reviews. Whatever structure you choose to adopt will strongly depend on the field of your research. The essential thing you need to do is to evaluate the opinions of different authors of particular topics of interest. The style and structure of your literature review will then be determined by the topics, issues, and/or questions arising from the content of your work. Depending on which item you decide to take first, you will need to discuss the opinions of various essay writers. Always ensure that at every point in the progress of your work, you link every issue to your purpose. Furthermore, at the end of the review, you must provide a summary of the implication of the literature and also stress any limitation poised.

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