How to write a thesis statement

A thesis statement is a very important element of every research paper. It governs the subject of the research paper and states something that is significant to the reader. It explains the main idea of the whole paper and outlines the importance of writing the paper as well. If your paper does not have a powerful thesis, it will not be adequate.

A good thesis statement must:

• Reveal a particular aim or a particular way of achieving the purpose.

• Say something about the research paper.

• Be identified easily by the reader and must not be ambiguous.

• Appear near the end of a research paper introduction.

It is normally in the form of:

• A question that is looking for an answer

• An issue that requires to be solved

• An assertion that requires to be argued on

The thesis statement should help you to:

• Have a clear image of your topic

• Come up with ideas and compose major points

• Structure and organize your research paper properly

• Get guidelines on your argument.

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